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Lumiere London 16th January 2016 – Blog

I read a couple of week before the event that Lumiere London was coming to town. A new light festival over four evenings. It brings together artists from around the World who work with light. This event was produced by Artichoke and covered 4 areas of London; Piccadily, Regent St & St Jame’s – Mayfair – King’s Cross – Trafalgar Square, Westminster.

I only managed to make one evening with the family so we tried to pick some of the best events to see. The only way to see these lights was to walk, the underground was closed at Trafalgar Square with the usual not sure what is happening approach. But the atmosphere was amazing and even though it was packed there was a nice released atmosphere.

First port of call was Liberty’s  Dresses, Tae bon KIM


Second stop  1.8 London, Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman  Oxford Circus



It was very busy now with thousands of people lined the streets.

Third Stop  Keyframes, Groupe LAPS /Thomas Veyssiere, this was very clever with stick man running round the building.



Fourth Stop  was going to be Elephantastic but was closed for some reason. So we moved on to Les Lumineoles, Porte par le Vent, Regent Street



Fifth Stop Piccadilly Circus to see more floating Lumineoles and lots of mobile phones recording the lights


Sixth Stop we walked towards Leicester Square to see Garden of Light, TILT this was very impressive.



Seventh Stop Tube to Kings Cross, IFO (Identified Flying Object), Jacques Rival



Eighth Stop Joining the Dots, Cleary Connolly


Joining the Dots, Cleary Connolly Lumiere London  16th January 2016Photo:  - Richard Washbrooke Photography

Joining the Dots, Cleary Connolly Lumiere London 16th January 2016 Images taken by Richard Washbrooke Photography


Then home. I hope they repeat this again in the near future.

My favourite light show we saw Les Lumineoles. The one we missed we wanted to see was Westminster The Light of the Spirit by Patrice Warrener.

New Website – Richard Washbrooke Wedding Photography – Blog

I had been looking round for a website that would give me the opportunity to show my wedding photography skills using a simple but clean website design.

I had an old website which had started to look a bit outdated so the decision was made to update. I chose in the end and I’m really pleased with the end result.

Richard Washbrooke Wedding Photography

Have a look and if you know of anyone getting married and they have test to choose their photographer pass them the link and let them have a look.

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