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Richard Washbrooke – Freelance Photographer Featured

I’m a full time freelance photographer working now for 10 years. I cover many disciplines from high end Sport, photographing Buildings, Corporate Head Shots, Weddings, Field Sports, Theatre and Events. Every day is different, every week is different and during the year some of my work is seasonal. I get asked what do I photograph so I thought I would let you see what is happening this week.

This morning was spent photographing a dental practise Grove Dental Clinic in Aylesbury on behalf of Apollo Interiors. A lot of my building work is in London or 1 hours drive from my house. I will travel further if required but as I deal with Architects, Shop Fitters, Construction, Residential, Hospitals, Lighting, Retail, Commercial, Restaurants, Engineering, Car Showrooms and Civil Engineers I find there is a great variety of work I can photograph locally to me. Keeping an eye on my Carbon Footprint.

This afternoon I’m now on a train to Farringdon to photograph a CEO looking for some head shots for his website. Using a great location Spaces in Farringdon. This work came via the internet. So that’s great to see that people do search and look on the internet.

I’m a great fan of Think Tank bags I used them for years. So today I’m using the International and a Naked Shape Shifter to carry all the camera gear I need today.

Note : Its coming up for the time of the year where I will be on the stand for Snapperstuff at the The Photography Show 2020 held at the NEC 14th – 17th March 2020. Snapperstuff distribute Think Tank and Mindshift camera bags. So come along and say hello we would love to see you on the stand.

Tuesday I’m in Cobham photographing a residential house on behalf of Louis de Soissons who are celebrating their centenary in 2020.

Wednesday in London photographing a Dental practise for Apollo Interiors in the morning with a meeting in the afternoon.

Thursday meeting in the morning with more editing. The pheasant season has finished know, I need to get three books for three different clients signed off before printing. I have used Blurb for many years now and find their quality is great.

Friday is editing and responding back to emails if I have not already done so. Picked up 3 weddings this year so I need to get organised and confirm in writing.

The most important thing to me is to make sure I’m looking after my clients and supplying them quality images. I’m also looking for new clients and have a big list of people to contact. Networking is very important and a lot of my client base has come via this method. Some of my work is repeat business. I work with agencies in particular Wonderhatch who I have been working with now for 8 years covering events which tends to be seasonal.

Next week will be a different week

Harpenden Gang Show 71st Featured

Another Year another Gang Show. The 71st this year. I wonder if I will be photographing the 100th.

Next year is the last in the Public Hall / Eric Morecombe Hall. The following year the Gang Show will be performed in the new location being built in Rothamstead Park.

I photograph the show through the week. My favourite day is Saturday. Matinee back stage and the evening last Performance.

The matinee is great low light and looking for movement and expressions. Pushes the camera to the limits. Plus I like producing black and white images.

To view the images from the day -> Galleries -> and then click on a folder called Scouting

Enjoy the images there is a lot of them.

Dan Shelley Master Thatcher Featured

D.G.Shelley Master Thatcher, Hatching Green, Harpenden 15th August 2019

It was a great to see and photograph a thatcher at work today. Dan Shelley is a sixth generation thatcher based in St Albans.

If you think this is a dying art you might be surprised to hear that they are as busy as they can be. The average cottage will take 2 people 5 weeks to complete. A good thatcher will have work booked for 1 year and sometimes 3 years in advance. They work throughout the year and rain does not stop them working.

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