Harpenden Gang Show Behind the Scenes Performance 9th January 2016 – Blog


I always feel very lucky to be photographing the Harpenden Gang Show, the longest continuously running Gang Show in the World.

I performed on stage when I was a Cub, Scout and Venture and now a lot of the children on stage are the children of my friends from the show.

Cathy my wife is now involved as the choreographer and who knows our son Ben who is in the cubs (3rd Harpenden) may be treading the boards next year.

I photograph the dress rehearsal in order to put some images up on the photo stand, its also a great opportunity to see what happens on stage and the lighting set up. The actual performance I photograph on the Thursday.

This year I wanted to photograph behind the scenes to capture the people involved in making sure the show carries on. Everyone involved is important.

Working behind the scenes I needed to ensure I don’t get in the way as between scenes there is a lot of children moving around and props and scenery changes.

Obviously no flash was used as this would be a distraction, so I mainly used 50mm  F1.2 lens with my Canon 1DX with the ISO at 4000. A beautiful combination and it coped well.

So I have selected a few of my favourite images backstage and the rest of the images can be

viewed by following the link at the bottom.



Gang Show 2016 Link

Richard Washbrooke Photography

Hertfordshire Scouting

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