Closure of Butterfly World, St Albans – Blog

The Herts Advertiser landed on the door mat. The heading read Closure of Butterfly World in St Albans. 2015 was going to be its last season.

I visited this place with my son back in July 2009 and back then they had plans to build a biome which would house thousands of tropical butterflies and allow visitors to visit all year round. Without this biome the opening times would be between Spring and Autumn. This would also reduce the earning power of this project.


Since 2009 the project has suffered and has been rescued from insolvency and closure.

I remember at time I was excited to hear they were planning to build this biome and I think if it had been built I would have been a regular visitor. Along with many thousands of people. I think it would have become a major tourist attraction.


When I visited the area where the biome was going to be built they had planted sun flowers. This was going to be a big project.



In between the glass houses and the sun flowers you could walk along fields of wild flowers and large sculptures.


In another section they had designer gardens, offering a bit of everything you could imagine.


The butterflies were held in green houses. Doubled doors to stop any escaping. You had every colour you could think off and different sizes.


Its sad to see this project close and I would have loved to been able to walk in the biome with thousands of butterflies. I think my son would have been a regular visitor along with thousand of other children and families.







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