FIA WEC Austin 16th September 2014 – Blog

Day off today so no rush getting up. We missed breakfast so it was not long before we decided to head off into Austin centre.

View from the window16Sep2014-016

The temperature outside was 35 degrees C and very humid. We are staying at the Embassy Hotel, 10minute walk from the city.  Austin is well known for its bats that hide under the bridge not far from us. 1.5 million of them.


We walked in to get lunch using my iPhone to record the city, its an interesting place, lots of new buildings, reflections throw in a couple of old buildings. There is a nice vibe to the place

16Sep2014-018 16Sep2014-020 16Sep2014-021 16Sep2014-022

Banners are up around the city to promote the FIA WEC. One of John Rourke images.

Stopped off at Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill. Trying to work out why it was so busy !  The food and atmosphere was great.

16Sep2014-023 16Sep2014-024

Walked back to the hotel taking more images of the city as we walked back.


Stretch limo drove past


Nice reflections


Wonder women cycling past


Local Police force being very friendly

16Sep2014-029 16Sep2014-030 16Sep2014-031 16Sep2014-032 16Sep2014-033

Another large billboard advertising the FIA WEC

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