FIA WEC Austin 17th September 2014 – Blog

Finally get to the track and to meet the FIA WEC team, lots of faces to get to know. Picked up my media pass for the season, my tabard to gain access to the track and the teams. When racing is on the pit lane you are required a racing suit and a helmet. Wearing a racing suit in 40 degrees C is not a very pleasant experience. I find the humidity can cause a few problems specially for the cameras and lenses. Leaving the media room they fog up and can take 10-15 minutes to clear. Note to myself take this into account when photographing. Timing is everything we have a schedule for the days activities and can be called upon for a consignment any time.

So i had a walk about checked the pits to see what was going on, chat to some of the drivers and mechanics.


Aston Martin Racing Vantage V8  driven by Alex MacDowell (GBR)  Darryl O’Young (CAN) and Fernando Rees (BRA) was parked waiting to be checked FIA WEC Scrutineering.

You also have time to walk the pits always looking for something different and I like this shot which was taken looking right through the Porsche garage.


You have to keep your eyes open as cars are being moved up and down the pit lane. The trick is not to get in the way but as Adrenal Media are the official agents for the FIA WEC we have to be present. I arranged with the TV crew to be photograph them interviewing the Toyota Racing drivers and I like this shot of Nicolas Lapierre (FRA) in the viewfinder of the TV camera.

RW4_1817.cr2 RW4_1817.cr2 RW4_1817.cr2 RW4_1817.cr2 RW4_1817.cr2 RW4_1817.cr2

The humidity is very high and every now again the heavens open and if you get caught in it you get wet.


Within an hour the place is dry and we get the call for a photo shoot of all of the Porsche cars on the grid. Porsche 919 Hybrid, Porsche 911 RSR. Five cars in all. John Rourke Adrenal Media was up the ladder taking the shot. While we got the cars lined up ready for the shot. We spent about 15 minutes lining up all the cars, getting the drivers in place and then the total team shot. John was happy with the end result. I took a couple from ground level, the shot looks a lot better up a 6 ft ladder. Nice job John.

RW4_2133.jpg RW4_2133.jpg

Day finished 20 minute drive back to the hotel in Austin

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