FIA WEC 6 hours of Fuji 8th October 2014 – Blog

Flying from Heathrow Terminal 3 To Narita Airport via Frankfurt.


Take off

IMG_5182 IMG_5393

Excited first time I will be in Japan. Not sure what to expect. I have heard that a Typhoon may be a problem, last year the race was cancelled.

Take off Frankfurt


Getting through customs is always a pain they must look at my Thinktank Airport International rammed full; 2 camera bodies, 400mm lens and another 5 other lens going through the Xray machine and they pull it out to be checked. On the positive side this bag fits in the overhead lockers.

Not long after take off the menu’s are handed round and the drinks trolly does it rounds.


The food on these long haul flights are pretty good. I always look to try and get a window seat so that I can capture the view from the window.

Three films later and a kip we get to see the sunrise.




Soon Japan comes into view and flying down the coast we can see the waves crashing onto the seafront.


I had been told to collect the rental car and then drive 3 hours from Narita airport to the racetrack. Several freeway tolls on the way. Lucky Jeff Carter FIAWEC delegate had advised me to take some yen for the tolls. The next thing was to ensure I had a GPS with the car. I did but it was in Japanese. So I made sure the rental lady put in the Fuji Speedway, Hotel and Airport address. Made a note of which buttons to press and I was sorted. I was planning to bring my Tom Tom with me but for some reason they have no maps of Japan !!!!   They drive on the left here so no real problems. I took the freeway through Tokyo, this city looks an amazing place. Downtown Tokyo is a maze of bridges and tall sky scrapers. They even have a red Eiffel Tower.

IMG_5179 IMG_5178 IMG_5177 IMG_5176

Tokyo is very compact city and I wish I had time to see more of it. Soon the scenery becomes less urban and more countryside. I get to the Fuji Speedway circuit and I arrived in time to have a lunch next to the track, prawns and noodles. Its a great view but Mount Fuji is hidden so I hope tomorrow it will appear. I meet up with the FIAWEC staff and check on the program for the coming days.


Out hotel is about 45 minutes from the track. This is a pain specially when you know there will be late nights and the last thing you want to do is to have 45 minute drive.

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