Forest of Dean Autumn in its Glory. 25th October 2014 – Blog

Managed to get a break in between photographing the ELMS – Estoril and FIAWEC – Shanghai

On the way down to Milford Haven we stayed at Speech House, Forest of Dean. Colours were amazing. IMG_5377.JPGIMG_5374.JPG









Part of the forest you come across nature trails

Raw Neville Gabriel. 2001
“An entire oak tree, planted in the 1800’s to provide timber for warships, and felled to reveal a glade in the woodland, exposing the floor to the sky. The entire tree reconstituted as a sculpture, constructed of cubes of timber, using as much of the tree as possible. Mass reformed”


Cathedral. Kevin Atherton 1986
“As you walk along the avenues of trees approaching ‘Cathedral’ you are reminded of the aisle in a cathedral and the experiences of awe that such gigantic architecture evokes. But instead of religious imagery, you see the life of the forest on brightly coloured glass





Place. Magdalena Jeleova 1986
“You will first glimpse this gigantic chair as you Beechenhurst to walk the trail. An iconic work, it’s strength is a much concerned with its poisition overlooking the landscape as it is to its formal structure.”


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Echo. Annie Cantrell 2008
“Cast from the face of the quarry in which it resides. Echo provides a snapshot in time, the fragile rocks captured in a moment and preserved in monochrome. Drawing attention to surface detail and texture. Is it geology performing as sculpture, or vice-versa.”


Images copyright Richard Washbrooke 2014

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